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The highlights
I will pack as much info as possible about your fabulous hands or through tarot in the time we have. Multiple readings recommended.
$50.00 in office or $60.00 off-site/30 minutes 

Full Reading
Includes Life Purpose and Life Lesson. We delve into all the lines and patterns in the hands. Can also incorporate tarot if desired.
$80.00 in office or $95.00 off-site/ 60 minutes

Emotional Freedom Technique
Often we encounter challenges or obstacles which may be connected to our life lessons. Using a painless method of tapping on various meridian points on the body, I will help you clear blokages that are keeping you from living your most vibrant life.
$95 00/60 minute first session
Subsequent sessions $60.00/30 minutes and $95.00/60 minutes

Palmistry Party
Much better than a Tupperware party! Get together 4-10 friends and host a party in your space or at an agreed upon place. Everyone gets a reading! We discuss Life Purpose and Life lesson as a group, and then I spend an additional 15 minutes with each individual.
$50.00 per person *

Divine Party
Why not have it all? Get together 4-12 friends and host a Divine Party. I partner with another professional psychic. We come to your home and give everyone two readings (approx 15 minutes readings) .
$50.00 per person

Note:  Travel surcharge may apply outside Columbus.

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