Debé teaches workshops covering all aspects of hand reading from beginner classes to more advanced study. The classes are available on site at Enchanted Elements in Columbus, Ohio, or arrangements can be made for Debé to travel to you.

Here are workshops that are currently available:

Workshop #1 Palmistry ~ Fingerprints Part One

This Palmistry workshop with Debé will focus on Fingerprints, the foundation of palmistry. It is here we find your life purpose and life lesson(s). each finger and thumb carry a unique destiny coded into the fingerprint. learn to unlock this code and understand how to live life to its fullest potential. Explore how your life lesson is there to teach you, and give you valuable tools to accomplish your goals.

Workshop #2 Palmistry ~ Fingerprints Part Two

By examining the fingerprints, you can determine the Life Purpose, Life Lesson(s), and Life Path/School. Debé will demonstrate the different patterns, and common combinations that are found in the hand. For example, you’ll learn to recognize the “The Midas Touch”, The Big Shot”,”Mr. Never Enough” and others. This is an interactive and fun class. Bring your sense of humor.

Workshop #3 Decoding the Hands-Palmistry at a glance.  

You will be amazed how much information you can pick up with casual observation of someone’s hands. The shape, finger length, the major lines, and presentation of the hands are all clues to understanding what makes that person tick.  In this fun and interactive session, our passionate palmist, Debé, will teach you to read the hand and unlock the secrets within.  Using the participant’s hands and famous hands as reference points, you’ll learn about your own hands and have an extra edge when dealing with others. It’s an entertaining and informative treasure hunt, and Debé is excited to show you the way.

Workshop #4 Body, Mind, and Spirit – The major lines in Palmistry

Have you wondered if a short life line meant an early demise? Debé will dispel myths and explore the meaning of the major lines in the hand.  Your life line, head line, heart line, and significant rising and horizontal lines will be examined.  What role does free will have to play? Are things destined, or can we change the future that is mapped out in our hands? This lively class examines the way we love, think, and live, as outlined in our palms. Learn about yourself, and understand the meaning of these lines in others. With “hands on” practice and Debé’s teaching, you’ll get much more from this class than by reading a book. Whether you’re interested chiefly in self examination, or want to learn to read hands, this class is a must take for the palmistry novice or more experienced learner

Workshop #5 Your Heart is in Your Hands – Palmistry guide to love

Did you know that the way you love, and how you want to be loved is “written” all over your hand? It is!  In this session, Debé will explore the four main heart line types and show you what you need to know to rock their worlds!  Are you a “hermit”, a “passionate”, a “romantic idealist”, or a “big heart”?  What about your partner?  How flexible are the thumbs and what does that mean? What does your mount of Venus tell us? Compatibility, sex drive, and relationship issues are examined.  Looking for that special someone? Understanding the type of person who is best suited to you can save you a lot of heartache.  This class is great fun, and full of “aha!” moments as you finally understand why you or the person you love behaves the way they do.

Workshop #6 Palmistry ~ Sex, Love, and Soul Mates

Debé leads you on a journey to uncover the lines, mounts, and other markers in the hand that show us how a person loves (and wants to be loved), their passionate tendencies and sensuality signs. Learn about yourself and how to spot these clues in your significant other, or prospective lover.

Workshop #7 Aren’t You Special! – Gift markings in the hand

There are at least 17 specific markings in the hand that translate as gifts.  The universe has entrusted you with these special powers and your success and happiness depend upon using them.  Are you a healer? Are fame and fortune your destiny? Do you have the Midas Touch?  The more gifts you have, the greater your responsibility. Understanding and acknowledging your gifts is an important part of the journey and essential to fulfilling your life purpose.  Using the participants and famous hands as reference points, Debé will show you how to recognize these gifts in your own hands, and in others.  Are you and the people you love living up to their potential?  Are you ignoring your gifts at your own peril? Don’t miss out on this fascinating exploration of these important markings?

Workshop #8 Palmistry ~ Psychic Indicators

Psychic Ability, Intuition, and Knowing. Using the hands of the participants and examples from famous individuals,  Debé explores the indicators of psychic talent and sensitivity in this interactive workshop. Learn the telltale signs of paranormal proclivity in your own hand, and how to spot the signs in others. A fascinating class for October, when the veil is thin and our abilities are heightened.