Everything I need to know about love I learned from Jerry McGuire

If you haven’t seen the movie Jerry McGuire, I highly recommend it. Sure, it’s sappy, but it’s fun. I find myself using famous quotes from that movie when I am describing heart lines in palmistry.

Your heart line shows me how you love and want to be loved. There are four types of heart lines: the Passionate, the Big Heart, the Self-Reliant (or Hermit), and the Romantic Idealist. These four types can further be broken down into two groups; the “me-ish” and the “you-ish.”

It can be hard to grasp what that mean, so I use famous quotes to help get the message across.

Let’s call the “you-ish” the “You complete me” group. This includes the Big Hearts and the Romantic Idealists. People in this group put other’s needs ahead of their own. They find true joy is making the people they love happy. This is the most important thing to their hearts. The challenge this group faces is finding a partner who is worthy of them.

Too often the desire to have someone to love leads them astray, and they attract people who will take them for granted. The Big Hearts seem to find the broken birds and the Romantic Idealists will end up with the bad boy/girl. Being in a relationship with someone they need to save, or fix, rarely works out. A much better match would be someone who does not need them to take care of them, but who appreciates how wonderfully giving they are and won’t take advantage. If a Big Heart or Romantic Idealist can find the right mate, that person knows how lucky he or she is.

The “me-ish” group can be called the “Show me the money” group. Here’s where we find our Passionate and Self-Reliant heart types. This group needs to make themselves happy first, then they have great love to shower on the people they care for. It is essential that these heart types have the freedom to pursue their goals and dreams.
If asked to sacrifice too much for love, it will lead to resentment, which can poison the relationship. A Passionate might head for the hills, while a Self-Reliant could become a martyr.
An ideal partner for this group is someone who is attentive but not needy, clingy, or overly demanding.

The idea that women are “you-ish” and men “me-ish” is rubbish, but we still see society trying to force the genders into preconceived notions of behavior. Either gender can have any of the heart lines, or, combination of lines on the two palms. Unfortunately, women are still taught to be accommodating, and men are still taught to be tough. These ideas are changing, but we’ve got a long way to go. If people aren’t allowed to express themselves genuinely, to love and be loved as best suits them, how can they find true happiness in relationships?

To determine your heart line type(s), look at the line closest to the base of your fingers. The line starts under the Mercury (pinky) finger and moves across the hand. Where it ends, and whether it is straight across or curves upward, determines the type of line. Here are examples:
PassionateHig Heart
Self-ReliantRomantic Idealist

You may have a different heart line in each of your hands, or you may have lines that branch off, but the illustrations give you the general idea.

When it comes to matters of the heart lines, opposites really do attract. Two big hearts together may find it hard to make decisions. Imagine this dialogue:

Heart Line #1: “What would you like to do tonight, honey?”
Heart Line #2: “I want to do whatever you want.”

This could go on forever. Now, put that same Big Heart with a Passionate and the dialogue changes:

Heart Line “What would you like to do tonight, honey?”
Passionate “I’ve been dying to try that little Thai place that just opened across town.”

Get the idea?

Another thing that I’ve discovered when giving readings is that while everyone would agree that we don’t all think alike, it surprises me how many people assume we all love alike. Because of this, people who are “you-ish” often find “me-ish” people selfish and cold. Show me the money? How…mercenary.

On the other hand (pun acknowledged), the “me-ish” camp may find “you-ish” people weak and needy, or controlling. How…pathetic.
This is a terrible misunderstanding that can ruin a relationship. Once you understand the different heart line types, and how they love and want to be loved, you can communicate so much more affectively.

I love doing couples reading. Teaching two people the differences and/or similarities in their heart lines can be so eye-opening! Suddenly, the dawning realizations about each other opens the door to forgiveness and understanding. The accusations, guilt, and resentment recede. Even the very best relationships go away with knowledge of why it is working so well for them.

If you want to learn more about heart lines or how to attract, or keep love in your life, contacting a palmist for a reading or classes, or both can be very insightful. What are you waiting for?

I’ll leave you with a last quote from the movie – “Help me help you. Help me help you.”


@ 2014 DebeWenig