Here are the descriptions of our services.

To book a reading, contact Debé at [email protected], or text to 614-633-6402

The highlights – Palmistry or Tarot

I will pack as much info as possible about your fabulous hands or through tarot in the time we have. Multiple readings recommended.
$60.00 on-line /30 minutes 

Full Reading – Palmistry/Tarot/both
Includes Life Purpose and Life Lesson. We delve into all the lines and patterns in the hands. Can also incorporate tarot if desired.$100.00 on-line/ 60 minutes

Emotional Freedom Technique
Often we encounter challenges or obstacles which may be connected to our life lessons. Using a painless method of tapping on various meridian points on the body, I will help you clear blockages that are keeping you from living your most vibrant life.
$100.00/60 minute first on-line session
Subsequent sessions $60.00/30 minutes and $80.00/60 minutes

Small Wonder Reading
So much about your child’s blueprint can be determined by their little hands.  Instead of pushing them in a direction they may not be suited for, learn how to encourage them to make the most of their talents. Knowing their life purpose, strengths, gifts, and challenges can help you give them the support they need to be their best selves.
$60.00 on-line /30 minutes 

Palmistry Party 
Much better than a Tupperware party! Get together 4-10 friends and host a party in your space or at an agreed upon place. Everyone gets a reading! We discuss Life Purpose and Life lesson as a group, and then I spend an additional 15 minutes with each individual.
$50.00 per person *

Divine Party 
Why not have it all? Get together 4-12 friends and host a Divine Party. I partner with another professional psychic. We come to your home and give everyone two readings (approx 15 minutes readings) .
$50.00 per person *

 *Depending on the number of participants, and hourly rate of $100/hr, with a minimum of two hours is also available.

Readings are done in person, but can also be arranged via Zoom.

For information about Classes or Workshops, please contact Debé at, or visit  Paloma Spa at

Note:  Travel surcharge may apply outside Columbus.

To book a reading, contact Debé at [email protected], or text Debé at 614-633-6402.