It’s important to know that everyone has free will. The lines in your had can, and will, change over your lifetime. The only thing that cannot change is your fingertips, which are formed between four and five months in the womb. They are completely unique to you. By studying the fingertip and skin patterns in the hands, we can uncover your life purpose and life lesson. As you have free will, you do not have to follow your life purpose, but you will never truly be happy if you don’t accomplish what you came here to do in this life.

Having your hands read is a wonderful journey of discovery. Find out if you are on the right path and uncover the gifts and challenges that await you. Are you living life to the fullest? What’s standing in your way?

It’s fascinating, it’s fun, and it’s all about you.

[quote title=”Destiny” Text=”Your past, present, and future are mapped out in your hands. The lines, fingers, and hand shape illustrate your destiny and reflect your life choices.” name=”Debé” name_sub=”Other Title”]