How to take photos of hands for a hand reading

Below are hand images to reference for your photos.


Using a Camera

Position your hand on a flat surface with a plain background under natural light, or be sure you have good lighting. Make sure there are no shadows on the hand. Hold the camera lens directly above the hand.

Hold the hand to be photographed very still while the camera focuses on the hand – not the background. 

Keep the hand open and relaxed so the creases in the lines are easily seen. Having another person hold the camera may help get a better quality of photo. 

Photograph each hand individually, making sure the entire hand is in the photo. Afterwards, check the photo for clarity and quality of lines.

Optional Instructions for taking finger and thumb print photos: 

With the flash on, take close up photos of the fingertips in an attempt to see the fingerprints, in proper focus. 

Hold your fingertips very still while the camera focuses on them – not the background. Take separate photos of your pinkie fingertips.

Take individual photos of each thumb print. 

With this option 6 additional images will be captured.

When emailing the photos, if given the opportunity from your phone, be sure to select the highest file size possible before sending. 

Send each image separately and indicate in the subject line: right hand, left hand, right fingertips, left fingertips, right thumb, left thumb.

Thank you!

If you’re ready to send me your images, you can e-mail them to me at [email protected]