Master Palm Readings

Get an intensive look at your Life Purpose and Life Lesson as illustrated by your fingerprints. We delve into all the lines and patterns in the hands. Your talents, gifts, and potential are mapped out in the palms. I will help you understand the path you are on and what you can do to live life more fully and authentically.

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Palmistry Party

Much better than a Tupperware party! Get together 4-10 friends and host a party in your space or at Enchanted Elements. Everyone gets a reading! We discuss Life Purpose and Life Lesson.

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Classes & Workshops

Learn the fundamentals of reading palms, the importance of the major lines on the palm (heart line, head line & life line) and what they reveal, hand shapes and sizes, gift markers, talent, and psychic indicators.

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Destiny Beckons

Join me every third Tuesday at Camelot Cellars for our monthly wine and psychics event. Check out for more information.

Debé - Master Palmist