I have kept my hand in among palm readers for a few turns and cycles now, more than I care to recall. I have seen the Great Authors like Wm Benham and Cherio be forgotten and over run by a pestiferous host of lesser posers. Even some authors with truly absurd titles, that seek to be seen as true seekers on the path, practitioners of the art, alas!

But fortunately every decade or so, a truly gifted reader of palms arises, and my faith is restored. There is a rising star here in Columbus Ohio. Wit, perception, humility and humanity have come together with the hard study and trained intuition, necessary to truly Read a hand. Debe is Talented, Real and very accessable, take your questions and your hands to her, she can give you more than a glace and glimpse of your destiny. I have gotten readings from scores, taught a few and avoided many, I am proud to know Debe as a peer.

Robin Gile – Author of The Idiot’s Guide to Palmistry


Debe’ has read my palms and fingertips. I enjoyed it so much my friends wanted to get theirs done too. I’ve had 3 parties now with friends and family. One party was just palm reading but the other two were palm and fingertip readings. The full reading of both the palm and fingertips is so much more enlightening by learning about yourself and each other. Debe’s energy, charisma and flair add icing to the cake for a fun day. I will continue to get my hands read I am sure. I love it! Thanks Debe’.

Cindy Dunigan


I recently had the pleasure of receiving a palm reading from Debe. The experience was fantastic and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Debe was very professional, extremely informative and took the time to explain all that she discovered while reading my palm.

Erin Thomas-Cole


Her approach is gentle and straightforward. She taught me that the lines in our hands constantly change and her ability to read those lines is beyond remarkable. I am able to put my hand in the hand of someone who can truly share from knowledge and great intuitions.

Mary B.


I’ve had 2 divine parties to date. Always fun, always a learning experience. Debé and Cynthia are an amazing team! Debé’s gift with palmistry and Cynthia’s with Tarot are so complementary and truly awe inspiring. I look forward to many more!

Béatrice de Courtivron